Dermal Therapy package
Logo adjustments and package redesign.

Dermal Therapy

Dermal Theraphy is a respectable skincare brand with unique solutions. To refresh the style two ways were chosen and tested. The first one, was to keep a classic looks, while fixing some issues with it. The second way was to try a new look keeping a recognition and the connection with the current logo.

Logo design
Duo-language package, twin-pack design and sales equipment.

Project details

Logo and Identity refinement. Package design. Product render.

Heather Nadler
Rebecca Zborovski
Alan Perlmutter
Ivan Alvarov
Dermal Therapy
Dermal Therapy bottles Dermal Therapy bottles
"Excellent designer, creative, attention to detail, and easy to communicate with. I will definitely hire him again."

Heather Nadler,
Vice President, Dermal Therapy, Canada