site 3.2
Brief hystory of changes. First screen, site version 3.2.
site 2.1
The first red version was made in 2011. Site v2.1.
site 2.3
Growing product line, 2.3.
site 2.4
First big awards. UI tweaks. v2.4.
site 3.0
Adaptive design, mobile app design. v3.0.
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Pons Website

Here is a short overview of interface changes made accordingly to audiuence, economical sutuation, laws, key messages and product line. Fron a fixed size show-room site to a complex web-shop and mobile app.

Site page elements, from v3.2.

Project details

Web design, UI/UX, mobile app design.

Dmitry Agapov
Ilya Gamer
Maria Nedoborova
Maria Nedoborova
Julia Chernyakova
Vadim Nasukovich
Ivan Alvarov
Pons Technology

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"Our main goal was a high-quality website design in a modern Western style. And this means attention to the smallest details, proper arrangement of elements, readability, originality, preservation of corporate identity in all elements.
The task was already completed in the first versions, and another grinding and fine-tuning of individual elements finalized the task.
Thank you for the high professionalism, efficiency and good service!"
Ilya Gamer,
CEO, Pons Technology